A Bridge to Engineering

For Anahi, UIC felt like home long before she actually enrolled.

Anahi has been interested in engineering ever since middle school, when she had hands-on experience in robotics and bridge building. So when she heard about a summer engineering program for high school students at UIC, she signed up right away.

“That program made me realize that UIC was where I wanted to be,” she said. “The professors were so open to staying in contact with students and keeping us on track. They took us in like we were family.”

As part of UIC’s CHANCE Program for pre-college students, Anahi says she found a support system right away.

“They took me in with open arms and helped me find tutors and mentors and everything that I could possibly need to succeed within the engineering field,” she said. “So when it was time to pick a university, I couldn't choose anything other than UIC because it just felt like home.”

Hometown: Maywood, IL

Major: Civil Engineering

Campus activities: CHANCE Program, American Society of Civil Engineers, UIC Concert Band and Pep Band

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College is challenging. It takes a lot of time and patience, but it is so rewarding as you begin to find yourself growing into your fullest self.

What inspired you to pursue your degree or select your major?

Civil engineering is a perfect balance of art and community. The profession is responsible for connecting people, ideas, and places together through their roadways, bridges, and so many other structures people take for granted on a regular basis. As a result we’re responsible for making the world a better place — one project at a time.

What is your favorite thing about your program?

My department is always recommending resources and organizations are available to help aspiring engineers like myself. Plus, they’re understanding of the hardships everyone went through due to the pandemic. They continue to demonstrate just how connected people within the engineering field are — it’s like a second family. It's the little things that make UIC feel like home to me.

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