New Perspectives

Mummypraise intended to be a doctor. Then her UIC advisors expanded her options.

Mummypraise always dreamed of opening a healthcare clinic in her mother’s native Nigeria.

“My mom had a twin who had some medical problems at birth,” she said. “When we visited her in Nigeria, I was inspired to do something to help. So I decided to become a doctor and set up a clinic in Nigeria.”

Then she enrolled at UIC and discovered a world of other opportunities in healthcare. She worked with her mentor to run workshops for physicians and medical students, she met with a pre-health advisor, and she attended panel discussions about the medical field.

“My mentors and advisors helped me realize that I don’t need to go to medical school to reach my goals,” she said. “I discovered that I could make just as much of a difference by becoming a health and medical services manager.”

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Biological Sciences

Campus activities: African Student Council, Afrikan Heat Dance, Chicago P.O.P. on Youth Violence, Collegiate 100

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This is me. Uniquely UIC.

What would you say to someone interested in attending?

If you're interested in attending, don't hold back or question yourself. UIC has a lot of resources — both social and academic — so never second-guess jumping into experiences, reaching out for a tutor, or anything else that will help you make the most out of your time here at UIC.

What inspired you to pursue your degree or select your major?

Definitely, the benefits that come with serving others. There's a joy you get from serving the less fortunate because you know it's right. I am from a community where access to resources was gifted to those fortunate enough to receive them. I want to be able to make sure everyone has those same opportunities.

Tells us about an interesting class or professor

One interesting class is Sociology 105 — Social Problems. This class is interesting because it helped me get a better sense of what was going on in society and not just what's trending on Twitter.

You make us uniquely UIC.

Everyone has a story that makes them a unique part of UIC.